Code of Conduct

All parents, players, coaches, administrators, and fans of the Anderson Fastpitch Softball Association are ambassadors for our brand and our community.  The actions of each and every one of us can affect the overall image of our organization.  The AFSA Code of Conduct is focused on mutual respect and excellent sportsmanship without sacrificing the intense competitive spirit that makes sporting activities so rewarding.  We believe strongly in competition as it brings out the very best in our kids and in us, but we believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to conduct oneself when competing.  We want members of AFSA to set the best example they can in this regard.  We want to be the organization that other Anderson organizations and other communities point to as the best in terms of both skill and sportsmanship. 
In keeping with the above statements, our members believe:

  • No matter how good one player is or how good one player plays, softball is a team sport.  Please treat every member of your team with respect.
  • Win or lose, please participate, whether as a player, a coach, or a fan in a manner that shows respect for opponents and opposing fans.
  • Coaches volunteer time and energy in coaching and supporting the players.  Please be respectful of the coaches at all times:
    • Coaches’ decisions (provided they are consistent with this Code of Conduct and AFSA Bylaws) are completely at the discretion of the coach.
    • DO NOT confront coaches or argue with coaching decisions during a practice or a game.  Confine any disagreements to a civil discussion at a time and place away from the team.
    • DO respect timing set by coaches and arrive ready to participate at scheduled times with all necessary equipment and ready to depart when the activity is concluded. 
  • ALWAYS use encouraging and positive comments to support your team and its players.  Do not be afraid to show positive support for outstanding efforts by opposing teams.
  • NEVER use negative, derogatory, insulting, or offensive language towards any coach, player, or fan on either team.
  • NEVER use negative, derogatory, insulting, or offensive language towards the umpires.  Umpires are volunteers (lightly paid) from the community or surrounding communities.  They are probably someone’s mom or dad or possibly older sibling.  Most of them are fairly good at what they do, but they will never be perfect.  We must treat them with respect especially when mistakes happen or else we may find no willing pool of people willing to officiate games.

Thank you,
Anderson Fastpitch Softball Association