The founders of AFSA, along with other interested community leaders, share a long term vision of improved participation and performance of our youth teams and our local high school teams at the regional and state levels.  We believe this vision starts at the ground level by providing an inspired and fun environment in which softball can flourish in Anderson Township at all levels (recreational and competitive) and all age groups.
We believe every participant in AFSA (children, coaches, parents, administration) should:

  • Have fun every time they play, coach, or otherwise participate in softball.
  • Support their teammates / colleagues at all times.
  • Try their best.
  • Learn something every time they participate.

We want to develop and nurture relationships and have a positive impact throughout the community with children, parents, friends and relatives, local businesses, local government, other sports organizations, and anyone else with whom we have contact.  We want everyone to look at AFSA as a model community organization that provides value to the community even beyond the softball field.