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Anderson Fastpitch Softball Association

2019 Registration

Registration Instructions:
Welcome Anderson families to our website!
If this is your firstseason signing up with this website, then you will need to start by creating an account.  After you have read through these instructions, please start by clicking “PLAYER REGISTRATION” above. This will take you to several different age group options which all have a button that says “SIGN-UP/SIGN-IN.”  Click on that button in the appropriate age division (see below) and then enter an email and password to get started.
Once you enter the email and password and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the system takes you directly to the age group registration corresponding to the “SIGN-UP/SIGN-IN” button you clicked.  Simply, fill in the information from there!!  If you have multiple children you will add them after you have completed registering your first child.
Currently, we only have an option for payment by credit card.  We would prefer that you pay by credit card but understand that some may not like the idea of using credit cards online. We want to assure you that we followed up with multiple references from our web host Jersey Watch, some that have been using them for years, and not one has ever had any issues with missing funds or identity theft.  While we cannot guarantee security, we are all very comfortable with this company.
If you don't feel comfortable registering online and would rather register in person, then please email Michael Johns at to make other arrangements.

Age determinations for softball are made based upon the age of the player at the end of the past year (age on 12/31/2018).
Example: Someone born on 12/29/2007 would turn 11 just before then end of 2018 and would not be eligible to play 10U in 2018.
Example: Someone born on 1/16/2008 would turn 11 at the very beginning of 2019, but was 10 on the 12/31/18 deadline and so would still be eligible for 10U in 2019.
Registration Details:

  - Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 18, 2019
  - $25 additional fee for late sign-up.
  - Registration closes (except High School age): February 18, 2019.
  - No one will be placed on a team until after payment is received.
  - Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  - AFSA reserves the right to modify and / or cancel teams with insufficient registration;    
    however, we make every attempt to find a spot for every player.
  - Registrants are not guaranteed placement on a particular team, but again we make every
    effort to accommodate preferences.
  - Practices Start: Estimated March 31, 2019
  - Games Start: Last weekend of April or first week of May (League dependent)  

COACHES and ASSISTANTS are needed.  Please consider how you can support AFSA.  We will be announcing shortly a series of coaching clinics to give you as much assistance as possible.  If you intend on being a head coach or assistant coach you will also need to register by clicking "Coach Registration." You will fill in your personal information then you will have the option to choose which age group you would like to coach.  You will then select the role for which you are volunteering. You will also need to complete the “BACKGROUND CHECK” and “CONCUSSION TRAINING.”  Most concussion certificates are valid for 3 years.
AFSA Leagues and Age Groupings:
AFSA is a registration destination for the Anderson community.  Once we form teams, we work with coaches and regional Leagues to place each team in a League.  Typically, our 6U and 8U teams have either played in our own Anderson based League or in the Eastern Hills League.  Our 10U and above recreational teams have typically been placed in the regional Southern Ohio Girls Fastpitch Softball Association (SOGFSA).  This league has ceased operation and has been replaced this year by the EHL League.  Our Anderson RedHawks teams have played in SOGFSA, the Northern Cincinnati Softball League (NCSL), and in the Northern Kentucky Newport League.  We are always exploring options that provide our girls at the recreational level and on the RedHawks with the best playing opportunity possible.
With that said, here is our age group structure, fee schedule, and format description (RedHawks - invitation only - have separate registration tabs this year):
Division                         Age           Fee                   Format
6 and under (6U)            5-6            $90.00             Tee Ball or Tee Ball / Coach Pitch
8 and under (8U)             7-8           $90.00             Coach Pitch
9                                        9             $130.00              Kid Pitch / Coach Pitch (see * below)
10 and under (10U)          9-10         $130.00             Standard
12 and under (12U)           11-12         $130.00             Standard
14 and under (14U)          13-14        $130.00              Standard
High School                     15-18        $135.00               Standard

RedHawks (all divisions)                   $165.00              Standard
* The 9 year old division is a special division hosted out at Tealtown where the kids pitch a few pitches supplemented by coach pitching.  The intent is to ease kids into pitching.  In Anderson, we are hoping to implement something similar at the 8U level in coming seasons as we believe missing a year of 10U kid pitch puts us behind some of the more competitive communities.  We plan to provide the coaching instruction that will allow this to be implemented.
Practices: Practices officially begin on March 31.  Some teams, including the RedHawks, typically practice over the winter and early spring.  These costs are born by those teams but AFSA assists in securing FHSD gyms and fields for their use.  Please note that players who make their middle school or high school teams (formation date is in February; the specific date changes slightly from year to year) are not allowed to practice or play games with their AFSA team until after the season concludes.  This is typically the first or second week in May.  Most 14U and HS schedules take this into account and the 12U schedulers are flexible understanding some teams may not be able to play until mid-May.
Games:  For all of the Divisions, the exact number of games and the location will depend on the League in which the teams play.  Typically, all Leagues offer 12-14 regular season games.  There are no absolute game guarantees due to weather and rescheduling. 
Game Locations: In 2019, we hosted our own 6U / 8U League so all games took place in Anderson Township.  We are hopeful that our numbers will support the same structure each year.  For other age groups, HOME games are all in Anderson Township while AWAY games take place in neighboring Townships.  For example, our 10U team last year played in Madeira, Mariemont, Norwood, and Sycamore.
Fees Include: For all age groups, the fee includes uniforms, umpires, fields, and a base level of equipment for coaches.  Players are expected to have their own equipment, including gloves, approved bats and helmets, and for some age groups, face mask for infielders.  For any teams who enter tournaments, those fees are the responsibility of each team.  The coaches will pay for and collect their own reimbursements.
Privacy Notice:  None of you or your child's information will be able to be seen by anyone other than Anderson Fastpitch Softball Association members, your child's coach, and Jersey Watch employees who assist us with the website.

If you have any questions at all relative to registration or any other aspects of softball, please do not hesitate to contact:
Michael Johns – AFSA President
Thank you,
AFSA Board